About 3-2-1

Our desire is to help everyone LOOK UP to see the holiness of God and to live an inspired life of worship as they experience His presence every day. As we spend time in Gods presence, we believe His Spirit equips us to LOOK IN to see our need to grow to be more like Christ in character and to share that with other believers in meaningful ways. By growing in our relationship with Jesus we then want to LOOK OUT and see a world that needs the gospel. 

To help us glorify our God we have developed a simple way of experiencing what it means to LOOK UP, LOOK IN, and LOOK OUT. We call it 3-2-1.

3- Meet with God and find rest in His word for 30 minutes a day. 
2- Share God's goodness with 2 people. 
1- Grow in your relationship with Jesus by engaging in a discipleship relationship. 

We believe that by sincerely living this way we can know God deeply and live worshipful lives in remembrance of what He has done for us.

Download 3-2-1 booklet PDF