Prepare for Easter Devotionals

The Prepare for Easter devotional videos are designed to follow each sermon from our Symbols of Easter series and help to prepare our hearts for Easter.

Each Prepare for Easter devotional video teaches through one of the five Symbols of Easter, which is then followed by an explanation of how the symbol can be applied in your life. Every devotional closes with a challenge for how you can apply the symbol as you and your family prepare your hearts for Easter. Check this page, your email, or our social media pages every Monday morning beginning on March 28th, as well as on Good Friday, to view each new video.

Week 4: The Empty Tomb

At the conclusion of our Easter series, Matt Kallail wraps up our studies of the Symbols of Easter with the symbol of the Empty Tomb. The Empty Tomb represents Jesus’ victory over sin and death through His resurrection. All that we have to do in order to share in Jesus’ victory and receive His salvation is to believe in Him and His resurrection. We are called to live our lives with Jesus’ victory on the forefront of our minds.

Good Friday: The Cross

For Good Friday’s Prepare for Easter devotional video, Jules Weir teaches on the symbol of the Cross. The Cross symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Instead of pouring out the wrath and judgment that we deserve, Jesus offers Himself in our place so that we may be forgiven. At the Cross, we see Jesus’ response to the evil around him. What is our response to the cross supposed to be? Jesus’ sacrifice is meant to lead us to respond in faith and forgiveness.

Week 3: The Crown of Thorns

For our third Prepare for Easter devotional video, Josh Hansen discusses the symbol of the Crown of Thorns. The Crown of Thorns represents the suffering that Jesus experienced on our behalf. The way Jesus was treated and the pain He endured was a reflection of the weight of our sin and shame. Imagine yourself standing next to Jesus and knowing you are guilty, but being set free because of His immense love for you. Jesus suffered willingly in order to save us from our sin and its consequences.

Week 2: The Last Supper

In our second Prepare for Easter devotional video, Amy Payton explains the significance of the symbol of the Last Supper. At his final meal with His disciples, Jesus takes the cup which was to be drunk at the announcement of the Messiah and proclaims His New Covenant. Jesus invites his disciples to drink from the reserved cup and celebrate the New Covenant, which begins with the shedding of His blood. God invites each of us to receive Him and to be brought out of our sins by the cleansing blood of Jesus.

Week 1: The Triumphal Entry

For our first Prepare for Easter devotional video, Ben Fawcett further explores the symbol of the Triumphal Entry. The Triumphal Entry represents how Jesus' people recognized him as their promised King at his triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Jesus is the fulfillment of God's preparation that has stretched throughout the history of time to us today. This Easter season, we want to help prepare your family's hearts to rejoice and celebrate the victory of our King and His eternal reign.

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