About beyond us

God has been faithful to entrust The Fellowship with a people to reach and a direction to grow. Throughout the past 33 years, we have enjoyed every moment of ministry in one of the fastest growing areas in our nation. We’ve witnessed countless salvations, baptisms and ministry victories. We’ve grown into a two-campus church that ministers to 2,100 people and by God’s grace, have established 9 new churches in Ethiopia. We’ve seen a Church grow united in studying God’s word, united in using God-given gifts for serving, and united in being a light to our community. As we reflect with thankfulness over God’s work at The Fellowship, we can’t help but become excited over what He will accomplish in the future. We invite you to join us as we turn our attention BEYOND US. Our community is growing rapidly. We see new homes popping up, more families moving to our cities and packed-out school systems. God is bringing the nations to us and we need to be ready for them. BEYOND US is our commitment as a church to follow where God leads. We need to look beyond ourselves into the future that God has for us. Our desire is to completely surrender to God’s vision for The Fellowship. This church-wide initiative clearly lays out the direction that God is leading us and how you can be a part. It is vital to the health and growth of our church that we continue to pray: Lord, teach us to look Beyond ourselves so we can see the name of Jesus reach more people.

What is the vision of Beyond Us?

Grow our Campuses

God has blessed us with great church campuses in wonderful locations in which to conduct ministry. In order to enable us to do even more effective and exciting ministry, we need to make campus improvements in Round Rock and Hutto.

Prepare for Future Ministry

The cities of Round Rock and Hutto are growing rapidly. Because of this, we want to increase our efforts in outreach. We desire to invest in our church-wide ministries and mobilize them in our communities.

Reach New Areas

We believe God has called us to reach the ends of the earth with His gospel. For The Fellowship this means expanding into more campuses in the Austin area and across the globe.

Ready to commit to beyond us?

We are taking this moment as a church to reflect on God’s faithfulness to The Fellowship and His calling on our future. This calling requires active engagement of everyone that calls The Fellowship home. Filling out this card is an act of worship and surrender as we commit to prayerfully give towards God’s movement through our church. 


Digital Commitment Card

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