Here at the Fellowship, our Preschool team offers wonderful programs where your Preschooler will be taught and loved well.  The Gospel Project® for Kids brings Bible stories to life through video, music, activities, and more.  Each week our team will lead your preschooler through a Bible story, spend time in worship, and engage in hands-on activities in age-appropriate classrooms using the Gospel Project curriculum. Be sure and keep in touch with our ministry as special events are also planned throughout the year for our Preschoolers.


We bring these truths to life through skits, activities, games, and lessons that show them that Jesus is at the center of EVERY story in the Bible.  As they arrive, they are greeted and engaged in a class of children that are their same gender and age led by their small group leader.  Children will transition to Large Group Time to worship God and hear the Bible story in a super fun and creative way.  The children then return to their classrooms where they review the Bible story and discover how what they learned can help them grow closer to Jesus.The story of God’s redemption plan through Jesus Christ is all over the pages of the Bible and that’s what we pray your child sees and discovers in our ministry.

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