About Students

Our teenagers are the next generation of leaders and ministers, and we are passionate about seeing them turn into true disciples of Christ. With our middle and high school students steeped in the culture at large and influenced by all kinds of peer pressure, we want to offer them a true and better alternative. There are plenty of ways for students to become involved at The Fellowship. .
Disciple Now is a weekend retreat that takes place at the church and in Host Homes around the city. Students take a break from the craziness of life to pursue Jesus through teaching, worship, fellowship and fun! February 7th-9th!

We can NOT pull off Disciple Now without your help! Please sign up to be a part today! Please click the button that applies to your interest!
Host home, sponsor or driver.
Food, check in, clean up, etc


6655 US-79, Hutto, TX 78634

SUNDAY 10:15-11:15AM - Student Center
WEDNESDAY 7:00-8:30PM - Immerse, Student Center

Text HuttoStudents to 512-573-3555 and get text updates about Hutto Student Ministry.

Round Rock

3379 Gattis School Rd, Round Rock TX 7866

SUNDAY 9:30-11:00AM - Student Center
WEDNESDAY 7:00-8:30PM - Immerse, Student Center

Text RRStudents to 512-572-3555 and get text updates about RR Student Ministry.


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