Feb 26 - 27


All Day

Student Conference

Because of COVID-19 this has been a season at The Fellowship where we’ve had to adjust ministry and learn new ways to reach people for Christ and help believers grow to be like Him. The mission has stayed the same, but the methods have shifted. And we are excited to announce a new way to connect students with Jesus and God’s plan for their life – INTRODUCING: STUDENT CONFERENCE 2021.

2020 has been a year – People have been isolated and disappointed. Rhythms have been disrupted and expectations have shifted. Fear and doubt are claiming the upper hand – but God is still moving. Faith is still growing and hope is still rising. In the midst of the tension God is still speaking to the next generation through His Word. He is calling them to trust His promises and to step into purpose as they reframe the future of the church. RIGHT. NOW.

This is a weekend for our student ministry to reach our community for Jesus. This is a weekend where students are invited to be transformed by the power of the Gospel, to engage in passionate worship, and to experience God’s love like never before. SIGN UP TODAY!

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