Feb. 5

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Acts 4:13-22

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus. 14 But seeing the man who was healed standing beside them, they had nothing to say in opposition. 15 But when they had commanded them to leave the council, they conferred with one another, 16 saying, “What shall we do with these men? For that a notable sign has been performed through them is evident to all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and we cannot deny it. 17 But in order that it may spread no further among the people, let us warn them to speak no more to anyone in this name.” 18 So they called them and charged them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus. 19 But Peter and John answered them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge, 20 for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” 21 And when they had further threatened them, they let them go, finding no way to punish them, because of the people, for all were praising God for what had happened. 22 For the man on whom this sign of healing was performed was more than forty years old.

Psalm 77:11-20

I will remember the deeds of the Lord;

    yes, I will remember your wonders of old.


I will ponder all your work,

    and meditate on your mighty deeds.


Your way, O God, is holy.

    What god is great like our God?


You are the God who works wonders;

    you have made known your might among the peoples.


You with your arm redeemed your people,

    the children of Jacob and Joseph. Selah


When the waters saw you, O God,

    when the waters saw you, they were afraid;

    indeed, the deep trembled.


The clouds poured out water;

    the skies gave forth thunder;

    your arrows flashed on every side.


The crash of your thunder was in the whirlwind;

    your lightnings lighted up the world;

    the earth trembled and shook.


Your way was through the sea,

    your path through the great waters;

    yet your footprints were unseen.[c]


You led your people like a flock    by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

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