What is it?

The residency program at the Fellowship is designed to give those called to vocational ministry hands on experience, while growing in their character and knowledge. The resident will receive mentoring and training from experienced ministry staff.

Here’s some key information about the program:

  1. The knowledge learned in the program can be broken up into three parts: Theology, personal growth, and practical ministry experience.
  2. The Residency Program will be a year long (August to August) and Residents will be working 30 hours a week (20 hours at Church and 10 hours off site [ie- discipleship meetings, dinners with members of the church body, etc.]). One could get another part time job, it is encouraged if it will be a way to enhance your ministry, but it must work around your time in the program.

  1. Each Resident will be paired with a specific ministry and a Pastor involved in that ministry. The resident will be placed in a specific ministry based off of ministry experience, staff chemistry, and future desires for ministry.

  1. The Residents will go through a classroom portion of the Program, Wednesdays from 9am - 12pm.

If you have any questions about the Residency Program, please email brandon@thefellowshiprr.org.

Applications Due Date TBD