Real stories from real people at The Fellowship, highlighting God's faithfulness and what He has done.

God’s story of redemption hasn’t stopped. It’s still in motion and those of us that believe get to be a part of it. We celebrate moments of triumph, and we stand firm beside those who are broken– in all things we are comforted by the sovereignty of God. In all things, he is able, he is good, and he is God. These are our stories of his goodness to our people at The Fellowship Church. We are excited to share these stories with you, and are hopeful that you will be a part of them.

Relentless: Clay King

Meet Clay, an elder from our Hutto campus. His testimony is a great example that Christ is all you need for salvation and not your works.

Relentless: Drew Neal

Meet Drew, an elder from our Taylor campus, whose testimony radiates with the authentic grace of God's redeeming love. Drew's journey is a testament that even in our darkest moments, God's light relentlessly finds a way to shine through. Through Drew's vulnerability, we are reminded that sharing our struggles can lead to profound strength and renewal.

Relentless: Kristy Saucier

Experience the heartfelt journey of Kristy as she shares her incredible story of finding Jesus. When her father was on his deathbed, Kristy made a promise that would shape the course of her life: to find Jesus. Over the span of a decade, she immersed herself in the pages of the entire Bible, seeking answers and discovering the unwavering love Jesus had for her. This profound realization led Kristy to accept Him as her Lord and Savior, culminating in a momentous baptism. Join Kristy as she reveals the transformative power of faith and the immense love that awaits all who seek Jesus.

Relentless | Greg Lapum

Greg Lapum has been a Christian since he was five years old. He has spent decades being part of and serving the local church. He understands the value of investing in the next generation with the gospel. Hear Greg's story about how he came to know Jesus, and how he's being relentless with his only family today.

Relentless | Jenn Arnold

As a church family, we are relentless for the gospel. Sharing the good news of what Jesus did for us on the cross changes lives. Hear how several women in Jenn Arnold's life led her to Jesus. We are inspired by the work God is doing in and through the people at The Fellowship Church.

Women's Ministry | Trusting God

Jill Talley is a non-smoker and considers herself a pretty healthy woman, so when she found out she had lung cancer, she was in shock. Throughout this health journey, God is showing Jill how to trust Him with every aspect of her life.

Daddy Daughter Dance | T.A. Lowthorp and Robert Hall

In collaboration with the Children of the King ministry, Fellowship Church member T.A. Lowthorp brought 20 young girls from father-absent and fatherless homes to the Daddy Daughter Dance. In this video T.A. shares his experience, along with Children of the King founder Robert Hall, and speaks about how we can share the love of our heavenly Father with others.

The First Fellowship Church Mission Trip | Monte Tomasino and Tim Warner

In 2009, two men were sent to Bacalar, Mexico on the first Fellowship Church mission trip. Following that first trip, The Fellowship Church Missions Ministry was created. Monte Tomasino and Tim Warner share their experience with their first mission trip and give perspective on how the Missions Ministry has grown since.

Transformation | Ronette Hicks

Fellowship Church member Ronette Hicks shares her testimony. Through her story of transformation, we learn of God's faithfulness.

Equip | Jill Talley

Jill Talley shares about her experience with Equip, The Fellowship Church's 31-week ministry course. Through Jill's story, we learn about how Equip can strengthen your faith and deepen your relationship with God.

Father's Day 2022

For Father’s Day 2022, the women’s ministry at The Fellowship Church got creative and strategic. Women gifted their husbands the same shirt to all “coincidentally” wear to Sunday service on Father’s Day. Some men caught on quickly, and for others, it took a little more time. At both the Round Rock and Hutto campus, the men were great sports, had a good laugh, and it was a fun day. Happy Father’s Day to the men of The Fellowship Church!

Beyond Us Campaign | Rachel Mills

Project Manager Rachel Mills walks us through the story of revitalizing the Round Rock campus through the Beyond Us campaign. As Beyond Us comes to a close, we take a look at how far the campus has come, as well as what is in store for the future.

Men's Prayer Breakfast | Drew Neal

Fellowship Church member Drew Neal noticed the need for genuine, Christ-centered relationships between the men in his community, so he started hosting the Men's Prayer Breakfast. All men are welcome to join Drew for coffee, breakfast, a devotional, and genuine community every other Friday at 7:00 am at the Rio Grande restaurant in Hutto.

Baptism | Ashton Mayo

Shortly after being baptized, Ashton Mayo turned away from the Church. However, God had other plans for him. One day, Ashton happened to see a photo of his baptism on The Fellowship Church's website. Ashton felt like God was calling him back into a relationship with Him and began to strengthen his faith once again.

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