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Do you have trouble reading and understanding the Bible?

Many of us feel lost when it comes to navigating the pages of Scripture. Why does it feel so overwhelming? We avoid reading or diving deep into Scripture because it seems foreign to us. We randomly choose a direction and end up meandering aimlessly and confused through God’s Word. What if there was a simple way to learn God’s big story? There is!

The Book

The Book

The Nine gives you the defining markers—nine major themes—of the Bible. These nine markers will open God’s Word for you in a new way. Believing the Bible reveals the nature and character of God.

In this concise yet informative book, you will learn:

- The nine major themes of the Bible
- How the Bible is arranged and why its order matters
- The nine markers allowing you to have biblical fluency
- How God’s story is connected to your life
- God’s heart for you and why you matter to Him

There are defined markers in the Bible that take you all the way through Scripture. These nine markers help you understand God’s Word from beginning to end—orienting you so you can see God’s Word in its fullness. The Bible is not as complicated as it seems!

Follow The Nine markers in the Bible and you will be able to navigate Scripture with ease and joy. All proceeds of this book go directly to The Fellowship Church.

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The Inspiration

The Nine was inspired by one of Pastor Donnie Smith's sermon series. In the series, originally titled Nine, the church walked through the nine pieces of the Bible that complete the picture of God's redemptive story.

The rights of this book belong exclusively to The Fellowship Church. This means, proceeds directly benefit the church. Pastor Donnie Smith wrote The Nine book with the intention to be a resource for ministry.

About the Author

About the Author

Believing the Bible reveals the nature and character of God, Donnie Smith has a passion to share that truth with people everywhere. Donnie is an expository Bible teacher using history, humor, and story to bring the Scriptures to life.

Donnie has served as a youth pastor, teaching pastor, and lead pastor over the past twenty-seven years. In 2009, he took the lead pastor role at The Fellowship in Round Rock, Texas. The Fellowship is a multi-site Bible teaching church. Donnie did both his undergraduate and graduate work at Dallas Baptist University.

Donnie is married to Kristina, and they have two children, Kylie and Clayton.

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The Nine transformed my understanding of the Bible. With insightful yet accessible language, Pastor Donnie Smith ties together the Old and New Testaments, revealing God’s plan in a journey from ‘Creation’ to ‘The Promise of Jesus’ Return.’ Whether you’re new to the faith or a long-time Christ follower, The Nine is a must-read.”

Don Bentley, New York Times Bestselling author of Hostile Intent and Tom Clancy Target Acquired.

“The Bible can be very intimidating—written over a period of 1,500 years by over 40 authors on three continents, containing over 1,000 chapters. ‘Where do I even begin? What is the overarching story? What are the main themes?’ [Smith] answers these looming questions. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Bible explorer, The Nine is a must-read to navigate the greatest book ever written.”

Dr. Todd Ahrend
Founder, The Traveling Team
Author of The Abrahamic Revolution and In This Generation.

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