14 Jun

Disaster Training

Date & Time

June 14, 2022
6:30pm - 9:00pm


The Fellowship Round Rock Campus

3379 Gattis School Rd.,
Round Rock, TX

Room: Cafe

Who is it for? Anyone 18 or older who has a desire to help those who have difficulties due to fire, storm, flood, or power outage.

Why do we need it? We need to be organized and equipped to work with members of our congregation and be able to work in concert with area churches.

What is being covered? What do look for when helping someone, how to listen to those who are going through a tragedy, how to be prepared for an emergency and how to apply Spiritual First Aid. Learn about resources that are available for those who are in need.

How long are the sessions?
2-3 hours

Who's teaching it? Our coordinators or ADRN

Is it free? Yes

What do I receive after?
There is a certificate and a Yellow shirt.

Who is it put on by? The Fellowship Church

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